Senate Segment

By Andréa Pappey

We received an update for our Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Maggie Scanlon, who is studying in Cork, Ireland and is serving as the SGA liaison to students studying abroad. Maggie sent out her first update to abroad students and it was very well-received. Students were eager to learn about campus updates such as the new Luth Athletic Complex and were happy to feel connected to campus life.

This week, our RSO Spotlight featured Alternative College Theatre (ACT). ACT aims to connect the campus community through student-run theatre productions. They are currently working on the show “Seminar” that will run from Dec. 1-4. “Seminar, ” written by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Emma Callahan ‘18,  focuses on a group of writers who are struggling to express their ideas, relationships, and identities—all aspects of life that are pertinent to a college student.  ACT also holds events such as Midnight Theatre and movie nights.

Another major success this week was our Election Watch Party in the Pub on Tuesday. The event drew the largest crowd in two years, and students were excited to be able to watch the election among their peers.

The Senate is also partnering with Purple Key Society to hold an off-campus Christmas decorating contest. The contest is scheduled for Dec. 7, and the winning house will receive $200 off of 100 Days Ball tickets.

Finally, we have some updates regarding RSOs on campus. We recently approved three new RSOs—Relay For Life, Action for Education, and “A Contest of Ideas.” Additionally, we approved the name change of 1GLOW, which is now known as HCF1RST Scholars.

Look for next week’s Senate Segment to track our updates on our initiatives.

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