A Finals Week Story

As we reach the end of another semester, we are wrought with the curse that befalls all college campuses at this time of year. Alas, the College of the Holy Cross is no different when facing the behemoth of Finals Week. It is a week that brings out the worst in people that attempt to bring out their best performance. As the great Charles Dickens once wrote during his senior year at Wellington House Academy, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

Reader, you may be saying to yourself, “How is it the best times? I am feeling the spirit of anarchy incarnate as I try to find a table in Dinand. How is there any benefit to Finals Week?” To that question I would agree that there are no benefits to this time of the year. I would also say that I needed a good quote to end my brief introduction. With this, I want to make note that here we are at a time of giving, peace on Earth, and good will towards men. At this same time we are cranky, irritable, and willing to do terrible things for a cup of coffee.

Finals week is a time of regret. We come to regret all the dining dollars we spent at the beginning of the year as the Midnight hunger pains rear their ugly head. We regret the days we spent in bed instead of studying because it was cold outside and the essay wasn’t due until the 15th. I think most of all, we regret and will regret the days spent arguing with our roommates and shunning our friends in an effort to at least look like we’re studying.

It is the classic case of everyone being too busy studying to look around and take in the last days of the semester. In this apocalyptic landscape of 24-hour quiet hours and caffeine induced nightmares, it’s easy to forget about the friends we have around us, bearing that burden with us. Finals Week can claim its victims, but this year try to take study breaks and go for a walk around this campus. On this walk, you may be able to turn your eyes away from your books and take in your surroundings. For once, it seems as though this world of fire and brimstone has dissipated and everything just makes sense. It is when you no longer feel stressed about your four English papers, your Bio presentation, and the physics test that you have on the same day. The chaos seems to stop, if only for a moment.

Here at The Eggplant it’s all about satire and not taking things too seriously. Finals week is a generally serious time, but remember that mental health is more important than getting a perfect score. The world won’t care about you getting a 100 on your Methods exam, but it will care if you’re stressed out and ripping out your hair. There are times when it seems like it would be noble to ride into Educational Valhalla in a big storm of fire, but in retrospect it may not be worth it to isolate friends and family. Yes, it’s a time to study, but be willing to go see your friends and watch a movie. Call your friends from back home and empathize that you’re both stressed out beyond human comprehension. Don’t forget about the Christmas season and the reason behind it. There’s no place like Holy Cross for the holidays so make these last few days worthwhile through studying, seeing your friends, and being able to take a breath. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you next semester with even more humor that can only be found in The Eggplant.

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